Program Benefits   |   Cost Benefits

  • Capability to produce and sell standing seam roof systems that are already widely specified
  • Loyalty and service to Licensees is unmatched in the industry
  • Assistance with equipment ordering and setup
  • Hands-on training in equipment operation and roof system installation
  • Ability to purchase the licensed product at special Licensee prices while equipment is being manufactured and installed
  • Technical support, complete with technical/installation manuals and sales literature
  • Architectural details and product drawings available in AutoCAD
  • Estimating and bill of materials software
  • FM, UL and ASTM E 1592 test results for the panel systems
  • UL construction numbers and listings
  • FM  Global listings
  • Florida and Miami-Dade Approval information
  • Quality control information
  • Ability to video our manufacturing, packaging and shipping processes for your future reference

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