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Successful SSR installation depends heavily on precisely engineered components and accessories that exactly fit the panels. With MBCI, you get the whole package: a complete system of clips, closures, back-up plates and more. We will also provide you with the contact information of our suppliers for mastic, light transmitting panels, curbs, seamers and hand tools.

For a complete list of accessories, please contact MBCI at or by calling Ken Buchinger at (281) 445.8555.

Trapezoidal Standing Seam Roof System Accessories
Light Transmitting Panel, UL90
Ultra-Dek® (24" wide) Reinforced/UV Resistant Acrylit
Field Installed LTP Kit


Uninsulated - HW-1472
Insulated - HW-1473

Back-up Plate - Modified (24" or 18")
• For use at endlaps and at
   the ridge over hard board    insulation
• Pre-punched
• 16 gauge prepainted
• UL90 over solid substrate
HW-7760 (24")
HW-7769 (18")

Outside Closure (24", 18" or 12")
• For use at ridge, or high eave
• 24 gauge
• Painted to match roof color
HW-7760 (24")
HW-432 (18")
HW-442 (12")

Inside Closure
• Special applications HW-428
• 18 gauge Galvalume
• For use at eave
Vertical Leg Standing Seam Roof System Accessories
Back-Up Plate
Ultra-Dek Light Transmitting Panel


12" Wide HW-7764
16" Wide HW-7766

Outside Closure
• 24 gauge
• Painted
• 16" wide
• 12" wide

12" wide HW-446
16" wide HW-440
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